Oakland, California is one of the best places in the world to enjoy medical and recreational marijuana. Thanks to recent local laws, picking up legal weed is easier than ever.

We’ve dedicated this post to covering all the crucial aspects of weed delivery in Oakland, the East Bay, and other areas around the San Francisco Bay area.

Northern California is a hub for cannabis culture and leads the way innovation and progressive drug laws. If you are a local or visiting the beautiful Bay Area, be sure to check out a dispensary in Oakland and if you don’t feel like visiting in person, you can use one of the many weed delivery services to have your products sent directly to your doorstep.

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Cannabis Culture in the San Francisco Bay Area

Oakland and the greater Bay Area is known for revolutionizing the cannabis industry in many ways. Some of the most prominent trends, innovative smoking methods, and laws were birthed from the Bay Area.

The Northern California marijuana movement started with the hippie movement and back to landers that settled in the Emerald Triangle.

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Back to Land Movement

After the summer of love in San Francisco that wrapped up the 1960s and hippie movement, many people who migrated to California got sick of city life. They decided to move north into the mountains. The land happened to be the best growing conditions for cannabis in the world.

Highly Potent Strains

Soon Back to Landers discovered seeds with lineage from the Mediterranean would grow well with the conditions of Northern California. They found seeds that would flourish in the region and developed some of the most potent cannabis the world had ever seen.


Years later due to medical revelations and relaxing of cannabis laws, enthusiasts discovered new ways to extract from marijuana plants.


The spirit of the Back to Landers continues in the Bay Area. Local rapper Berner has optimized cannabis genetics to continue to push mother nature’s potential. The results are some of the best bud in the world and Berner’s dispensary franchise has locations all over the US.

When Was Cannabis Legalized in California?

California may not have been the first state to legalize recreational marijuana but it is still considered the leader in the legal weed industry.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana was legalized in 1996, expanding access to cannabis products to patients with a doctor’s prescription. California was the first state in the US to legalize cannabis for medical purposes.

Recreational Cannabis

In 2016, California became the sixth state in the US to fully legalize adult use.

Weed Delivery

The latest law to push the cannabis industry forward is cannabis delivery. In 2018, California legalized weed delivery and the state’s Superior Court upheld the law in January 2021.

California’s History of Producing Premium Cannabis Products

Oakland is known having some of the most amazing cannabis products at incredible prices. Since the 1970s until today you can always count on finding premium cannabis in the area.

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Cannabis Delivery in Oakland

Now that weed delivery service is legal in Oakland, you can purchase weed and have it delivered. The law was passed in 2018, opening a new aspect of the cannabis industry and more job opportunities.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Cannabis Delivery

Weed delivery helped keep the industry alive in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is Cannabis Delivery Legal?

Yes! Delivery services are 100% legal. In fact, there were numerous challenges to the less than concrete guidelines ruled in 2018 allowing for weed delivery but were upheld in Fresno, California by the state’s Superior Court.

The Top Dispensary in Oakland Neighborhoods

Oakland has dozens of vibrant neighborhoods with culture and cannabis dispensaries. Below is what we love about the dispensaries around ‘The Town.’

Top Brands

You will find the best brands in California at Oakland’s dispensaries.

Selection of Edibles

Edibles are a top seller especially in the pandemic era.

Cannabis Concentrates

Oakland is known for developing and providing the latest innovations in cannabis concentrates.

Reasonable Prices

Oakland is within a couple hundred miles of where the best weed in the world is grown.

CBD Products

The cannabis industry has evolved past THC and now offers flower and extracts with CBD and other cannabinoids.

The Best Weed Delivery Service in Oakland

There are dozens of amazing deliver services in the Oakland and East Bay area. Dube Delivery is one of the best cannabis delivery services in Bay Area. It gained customers’ trust by fast and reliable delivery of top quality cannabis products.

Advantages of Cannabis Delivery

Utilizing a cannabis delivery service has numerous advantages, especially during a pandemic. Many people use weed deliver for the convenience and to stay safe but there are also incentives like discounts and free delivery opportunities that make delivery worthwhile. Below are the top reasons to get weed delivery next time you are in Oakland.

Super Convenient

Huge Selection

Top Cannabis Brands

Less Contact

Fast Delivery


How Does Weed Delivery Work?

To order through a delivery service, you have to first place the order online, then you can meet your deliver agent at your doorstep with your premium cannabis products.

What Do I Need for Marijuana Delivery Services?

Ordering delivery is as easy as pressing a few buttons on your phone.

Valid ID

When you meet your delivery professional, be sure you have your ID ready to verify the purchase.

Debit Card

Ordering weed requires a credit or debit card to complete the transaction. Usually you have to enter in your info online they pay in person when you meet your driver.

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Meet Your Cannabis Delivery Professional

We wish you could get pre rolled highly potent premium cannabis delivered directly to your favorite smoke spot, but we aren’t there yet, maybe that will be the next step in marijuana delivery.

For now, you have to meet the cannabis delivery service outside your building or at your doorstep.

Get Cannabis Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

Oakland is not one of the best places to enjoy legal marijuana in the world. The location being so close to the Emerald triangle and deep roots in cannabis genetics creates some of the best products ever to exist. Progressive laws allow everyone to be able to access cannabis products safely and at an affordable price.

Next time you are in Oakland, be sure to support the local cannabis industry by visiting a dispensary or ordering weed delivery. We are confident you will have one of the best cannabis experiences of your life.

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