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Foxworthy Farms - Wakanda 3.5g
Wakanda 3.5g
THC: 29.66%
The result of a dream three-way cross between GG4, OG Kush and Cookies, Wakanda OG lives up to the legacy of its parents. Covered in a thick frost of trichomes, and a nose with notes from all three, this bud delivers a powerful, yet balanced high. Perfect for whatever mood you’re in. Wakanda forever. Attributes: The β-Caryophyllene leads to a powerful and relaxing body high. High limonene jumps out and adds that amazing tangy flavor on the tip of your tongue whilst a decent level of Myrcene ties it off with a long lasting creative experience. Great for writing, painting or just chilling out and reading a good book.
1/8 oz
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