PAX - Mochi Cookies 1g PAX Live Rosin Pod
Mochi Cookies 1g PAX Live Rosin Pod
THC: 90%
THC: 906mg
Mochi Cookies is a cross of Mochi, a hybrid, and GSC, an indica-dominant hybrid. Mochi is known for its dense buds with a frosty sunset of colors including purple, jade and bright red, while GSC flowers into green and purple buds with fiery orange hairs. With a distinctive spicy taste and a tangy aroma, Mochi Cookies is most known for its euphoric effects and relaxed, full-body high. In looking at the lead terpenes, caryophyllene brings with notes of spice and tang as well as alleviating properties, whereas the limonene brings the citrus notes as well as calming effects.
1 gram
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