SF Roots - Gelato 41 3.5g
Gelato 41 3.5g
THC: 26.56%
Gelato #41 gets its fruity, sweet flavor and aroma from its popular and tasty parents. Those who partake are hit with an earthy, diesel taste that breaks up into floral and citrus tones as they smoke. The nose flavor is creamy and sweet while the herbs keep burning. Gelato #41 takes “mood-altering” fully to heart by giving you a feel-good, heady high that’s perfect for doing hobbies like arts and crafts, knitting, and other focused, calm, happy things. The strain is just as popular for these mood-boosting effects as for giving people euphoria, suppressing appetite, reducing inflammation and pain, and eliminating stress and anxiety. The terpenes, humulene and linalool, have something to do with this. They’re both known for killing inflammation and they’re both central in Gelato #41.
1/8 oz
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