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Zips Weed Co. - Blueberry Pancakes 14g
Blueberry Pancakes 14g
THC: 24.14%
CBDA: 0.12%
Blueberry Pancakes is a berry and grape flavored Indica dominant hybrid, that reviewers say is perfect for unwinding after a long day, without the couch-lock associated with many Indica strains. The genetics of Blueberry Pancakes are a bit of a mystery.This Indica-dominant hybrid is believed to be a cross of DJ Short's classic Blueberry strain, with an unknown Indica. Blueberry Pancakes has a sweet, berry aroma, similar to grape candy, with doughy and floral hints present.Smoking or vaping this strain yields more of that sour and tart berry flavor. The euphoria Blueberry Pancakes brings is reportedly mellow and relaxing, with most experiencing a regulated mood, describing it as perfect for users with anxiety and depression.
14.0 grams
Price per unit

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