Did you know that 19 states have legalized cannabis for people over 21 years?

Marijuana legalization has, for a long time, been a contentious issue in the US. Some people argue that it carries too many risks and should be banned. But others believe that the health benefits of cannabis are too many to ignore.

cannabis legalize

You probably already know which side we’re on, right? We’ve seen the difference cannabis has made in people’s lives all over the US. And we’d also like you too to realize this plant’s benefits.

Read on as we explore some popular cannabis health benefits.

Let’s get started!

1. Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is the most common condition in the US, as it affects more people than diabetes and cancer combined. Before cannabis legalization, doctors used opioids to manage this condition.

chronic pain

But we all know the disaster this proved to be. An alarmingly large number of people developed addictions from their pain management therapies.

Cannabis is just as effective as opioids in pain relief but carries fewer side effects. This makes it the number one choice in states where it’s been legalized.

If buying, choose the Indica strain as it’s the most effective in pain management. Patients report reduced pain associated with neuropathy and migraines after using the strain.

2. Reduced Muscle Tension

Is your job wearing you down, forcing you to deal with muscle aches and stiffness every morning? Maybe you’ve tried yoga and mobility workouts, but nothing seems to work. If so, give marijuana a chance and see the difference it’ll make in your life.

Cannabis carries two main compounds – THC and CBD. Though CBD is the most commonly associated with health benefits, THC takes the crown on this one.

It’s a muscle relaxant that can alleviate your body’s muscle tension. Try some cannabis gummies the next time you’re tense -it’ll help you relax.

3. Manages Body Weight

Odds are, you’ve heard of the ‘munchies’ that result from cannabis use. While it’s true that marijuana makes you hungry, it can help manage your weight.

It’s confusing, right? Let’s explain. THC triggers hunger, but CBD counteracts this by interacting with cannabinoid receptor 1.

body weight

Cannabinoid receptor 1 increases metabolism, resulting in a low body mass index. A low BMI reduces your risk of diabetes, making this one of the core health benefits of marijuana.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll notice a difference in your BMI overnight. It’ll take time, meaning you’ll need to be patient.

4. Cancer Management

Marijuana is effective in cancer management when used alongside treatments like chemotherapy. Though effective in cancer treatment, chemotherapy carries adverse side effects. Here are the most common ones:

  • Pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Neuropathy

These side effects can prevent you from leading a normal life, hence the need for cannabis. Marijuana binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body, reducing pain and neuropathy.

It also boosts appetite, helping you maintain a healthy weight during treatment. However, it isn’t the best solution for all patients, especially not those with other conditions. So, talk to your doctor before placing your order to ensure it works for you.

5. Epilepsy Management

Is cannabis good for you if you have epilepsy? It’s normal to be concerned about marijuana use because of seizures. Cannabis reduces the risk of seizures by interacting with cannabinoid receptors.

cannabis epilepsy management

Already, the FDA has approved the use of a drug called Epidiolex in treating epilepsy. The drug contains purified CBD, showing that marijuana can help manage epilepsy.

The drug treats Dravet and Lennox-Gastaut syndromes, the rarest epilepsy conditions. So, it’s worth considering CBD products if you’ve been diagnosed with either disorder. Of course, the first step should always be to talk to your doctor for advice.

6. Mental Health Management

mental health managementDid you know that roughly 5.8 million people in the US have dementia? Though it’s associated with the elderly, dementia isn’t a typical symptom of aging. It results from oxygen deprivation, brain injuries, and other diseases.

Sadly, degenerative dementia doesn’t have a cure since it’s impossible to revive dead cells. However, its symptoms are manageable, and you can prevent further damage using medication.

Marijuana is a popular treatment as it activates the brain’s cannabinoid receptors. This allows blood to flow to the brain, preventing other brain cells from dying.

Preliminary research also shows that cannabis can help regain memory and improve learning. If proven in humans, it may be a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Can you imagine the lives this plant would save?

7. Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory

Keeping fit is the key to living a long and healthy life. But how do you stay fit when constantly dealing with inflammations?

The pharmaceutical industry has undoubtedly produced many anti-inflammatory drugs. But, some cause ulcers, muscle weakness, and other problems you don’t want to deal with as you age. While they’re effective, their side effects aren’t worth it in the long run.

That’s why marijuana has become a top choice for the active American. It works just as well as anti-inflammatory drugs and comes with fewer complications.

Sure, you may have to deal with the occasional dry mouth and increased appetite after use. But these are negligible effects of cannabis when you look at the bigger picture.

8. Reduces Stress

stress managementMany of us go through life assuming that stress is normal. In fact, it’s become so accepted that some people believe stress is necessary for success.

But it’s a leading cause of depression, anxiety, and cardiovascular diseases. Finding ways to manage your stress is essential, as it may prevent you from living a normal life.

No solution is as effective as using marijuana. If unconvinced, look at Snoop Dogg – he’s one of the most stress-free marijuana users.

This isn’t to say that you should use marijuana to Snoop Dogg’s level. Starting small and going slow will be more effective in ensuring relaxation. Try using cannabis edibles or any marijuana-based product the next time you feel stressed.

9. Anxiety Management

Marijuana and anxiety have a somewhat love-hate relationship. THC, one of the compounds in marijuana, increases its symptoms, but CBD reduces them. So, you need to be careful when buying marijuana for anxiety.

CBD reduces anxiety symptoms by acting on two central receptors. These are the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the central and peripheral nervous systems.


CBD also manages depression systems by interacting with the two receptors. The interaction stimulates serotonin production, thus reducing depression and anxiety symptoms.

However, note that marijuana is an effective short-term solution for these conditions. Talk to your doctor or therapist for a more long-term solution.

10. Gastrointestinal Disorder Treatment

Dysregulation of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the leading cause of gastrointestinal conditions. The conditions lead to gut pain and, sometimes, bleeding, hence the need for solutions.

Marijuana is one of the best treatment options for these disorders. It impacts gastrointestinal processes, allowing you to regain normalcy in your life.

11. Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common conditions, affecting roughly 37 million Americans. So, it’s only normal for researchers to look at all possible treatment options.

This is the reason behind research on the benefits of cannabis on diabetes patients. The positive results show that marijuana is an effective alternative to over-the-counter medication.


The ECS plays a vital role in how the body responds to insulin. Marijuana improves insulin resistance by interacting with the ECS. With regular use, you’ll notice lower blood sugar levels in type 1 diabetes patients.

Nonetheless, more research is still needed to understand the effects of cannabis on type 2 diabetes. CBD has sometimes reduced its symptoms, but it’d be best to talk to your doctor.

12. Sleep

Most of us struggle to find sleep because of busy schedules and technology. While you may think you’re okay working on three hours of sleep a day, your body isn’t.

You’re more susceptible to illnesses if you don’t get enough sleep. You may also spark anxiety or depression symptoms if you have either of these conditions.

Luckily, cannabis can help you prevent this. It’s proven effective in managing insomnia by helping people fall asleep faster. Combine marijuana with good sleep hygiene for the best results.


Is Cannabis Right for You?

Odds are, you’re itching to try cannabis after reading about its health benefits. After all, who wouldn’t? But, you’ll need to exercise caution if you’ve never used it.

Be careful where you get your cannabis from, as not all sources are reliable. Find a seller with an excellent reputation to enjoy cannabis health benefits.

Then, start with small doses, and work your way up. Ensure you journal how each dose increment makes you feel to find your optimal dosage.

Also, remember that certain conditions and medications don’t interact well with cannabis. Your doctor, or any other medical professional, will tell you if there’s cause for concern.

Don’t Miss Out on These Health Benefits of Cannabis

As you’ve seen, there are many health benefits of cannabis. This product can help with everything from cancer management to sleep management.

Try it if you’re tired of dealing with the many side effects of over-the-counter medication. Choose marijuana, choose overall well-being.

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