Key Takeaways –

  • Cannabis can be consumed in two distinct forms: joints and blunts.
  • Wrapping dried cannabis flower in a paper and then lighting it is the process of ‘joint rolling’, while stuffing ground marijuana into cigar or blunt wraps (hemp paper) before smoking it is referred to as ‘blunt wrapping’.
  • Unlike blunts, smoking a joint spares your lungs from the harsh effects of tobacco smoke.
  • Compared to blunts, joints are usually smaller in size and hence require a shorter smoking period.


With cannabis legalization gaining momentum worldwide, more individuals seek different ways to consume marijuana. Among the most popular methods are smoking joints and blunts, which, although sharing similarities, possess several key differences.


Understanding these differences can significantly improve one’s overall cannabis experience and enable informed decision-making regarding consumption.


This blog post will explore the nuances of joints and blunts, covering everything from their history and construction.


By the end of this article, readers will have a comprehensive understanding of the distinctions between joints and blunts and be better equipped to determine which option best suits their needs.


What is a Joint?

rolling cannabis joint

A joint is a beloved and iconic method of smoking cannabis. It involves rolling DRIED PLANT material (ground cannabis) into joint paper with minimal equipment, making it an easily sharable and “puffable” experience among friends.


Properly rolled joints burn evenly and produce a SMOOTH draw, allowing the full range of flavors and effects to be experienced [1].


Cannabis enthusiasts often claim that smoking a well-rolled joint is the ultimate way to appreciate a strain’s unique characteristics, making it an ULTIMATE experience.


Pro Tip: A standard joint only contains a third of a gram of weed, making them an excellent option for social smokers looking to minimize their intake [2].

Types Of Weed Joints –

  • Classic Joint: An easy-to-make joint crafted with nothing more than cannabis and rolling papers.
  • Spliff: A type of joint commonly found in Europe, consisting of cannabis and tobacco.
  • Tipped Joint: A joint with a filter or crutch added to the end for an easier and cleaner smoking experience, blocking loose plant material from entering your lungs.
  • Pinner: If you need a fast and easy hit of cannabis, then you’ll love this small joint with just the right amount.

What is a Blunt?

cannabis blunt

A blunt is essentially a beefed-up version of a joint, with some notable DIFFERENCES. Rather than standard rolling paper, plant material is rolled into a tobacco wrap-like paper, resulting in a MORE POTENT smoking experience [3].


The THICKER papers associated with blunts generate a particularly intense flavor and aroma, while their larger size allows them to contain up to half a gram of cannabis MIXED in without becoming unwieldy.


For these reasons, blunts are often the PREFERRED method among experienced consumers who value the most intensified smoking experience possible.


Pro Tip: Experienced tobacco smokers sometimes mix cannabis with other substances like hash oil and honey oil to create even more potent blunt wrap.

Types Of Blunts –

  • Backwoods Blunt: A type of blunt made with a natural tobacco leaf with a strong flavor and aroma.
  • Flavored Blunt: A blunt paper flavored with various tastes, such as fruit or honey.
  • Cigarillo Blunt: A type of blunt made with a cigarillo, a small cigar typically made with tobacco leaf paper that has been emptied and refilled with cannabis.
  • Herbal Blunt: A blunt paper infused with various herbs, such as lavender or chamomile, to add flavor and provide a relaxing smoking experience.

Differences Between Joints and Blunts

There are some main DIFFERENCES between smoking weed joints and blunts, so it’s important to know the specifics before deciding.

Rolling Paper Material

Joints are typically rolled with STANDARD thin rolling paper made of thin, lightweight paper (think Bible pages but without the fire and brimstone) [4].

cannabis joint

In contrast, blunts are rolled with THICKER tobacco paper or cigar wraps that add a bit of extra heft to your smoke session.

Size and Shape

Joints are generally SMALLER and more cylindrical in shape (kind of like a skinny cigarette), while blunt wraps are larger and have a more elongated shape, resembling a small cigar.

Flavor and Aroma

Because blunts are made with tobacco paper or wraps, they often have a STRONG tobacco flavor and aroma that can overpower the flavor of the cannabis [5].


On the other hand, joints typically have a MILDER and more distinct flavor and aroma of the cannabis strain being smoked.

Strength and Potency

Blunts are generally considered stronger and MORE POTENT than joints due to the added tobacco and the larger amount of cannabis that can be packed into a single wrap. However, this can also make them harsher on the throat and lungs.


Blunts tend to be more EXPENSIVE than joints, as they require more cannabis to add to the joint and are generally larger in size.


However, the cost difference can vary depending on the BRAND and QUALITY of the joint rolling papers or wrap used.

Which One is Right for You?

When deciding between a joint or a blunt, there are several FACTORS to consider. First and foremost is a personal preference (because, ultimately, you want to enjoy the smoking experience).


Personal preference plays a significant role in deciding between a joint and a blunt, as some individuals favor the TASTE and TEXTURE of a joint. In contrast, others appreciate the added potency and flavor of a blunt.


The desired effects of cannabis use should also be considered, with blunts offering a QUICK and POTENT hit and joints providing a more subtle and nuanced smoking experience.


It’s IMPORTANT to remember that all forms of cannabis consumption carry potential health risks and that blunts containing tobacco can be particularly harmful to the lungs and lead to addiction.


In comparison, joints are generally considered a HEALTHIER option with a lower risk of addiction.


Finally, social context can influence the decision between a joint and a blunt. Smoking with friends who prefer blunts may lead one to opt for a COMMUNAL smoking experience.


Ultimately, the choice between a joint and a blunt should be based on PERSONAL preference, desired effects, health considerations, and social context, with personal preference being the most important factor to consider.


In conclusion, the DIFFERENCES between joints and blunts have been explored, including the rolling paper material, size, flavor and potency.


Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, and the decision ultimately comes down to PERSONAL preference, desired effects, health considerations, and social context.


Joints are a TRADITIONAL and respected method of smoking cannabis, while blunts provide a more intense and flavorful smoking experience. It’s important to consume cannabis responsibly, with consideration of potential health risks, regardless of the method chosen.


Readers are encouraged to try BOTH methods and determine a personal preference based on their needs and preferences. As always, cannabis consumption should be done safely and within the limits of the law while enjoying the rich and diverse culture of cannabis. To enjoy best cannabis products in East Bay area order Dube Delivery now!


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