San Francisco and the Bay Area have been at the epicenter of the cannabis community. Progressive politics and a mixture of urban and ‘back to land’ culture of Northern California created the perfect place to evolve the industry. The latest push forward in marijuana consumption is accessibility and cannabis delivery services.

This post will discuss the history of cannabis culture in San Francisco, the East Bay, South Bay, and surrounding area and how this built the foundation of weed delivery of today. We also discuss seven advantages of ordering weed from a delivery service.

Cannabis in the San Francisco Bay Area

For decades the Bay Area has led the cannabis industry. While California wasn’t the first state to legalize recreational marijuana, the state was the first to permit medical marijuana.

Cannabis culture flourished in San Francisco after the hippie movement in the late 1960s. However, once the flock to the Bay Area fizzled out, many people moved to the mountains of Northern California to live off the land.

The “Back to Landers” are responsible for curating highly potent genetics due to their premium geographical location.

A perfect climate for cannabis plants and rich volcanic soil allows marijuana plants to flourish. The genetics established in the region would lead to some of the most legendary strains to ever exist.


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Northern California Weed Culture

Marijuana culture in California is still a highly influential force. To this day, the cannabis grown in Northern California is regarded as the best in the world.

Today, cannabis growers and genealogists are responsible for developing the most popular strains, such as Cookies, Runtz, and Gelato. All are among the highest-selling dispensaries across the globe.

The Mecca of Cannabis

While cannabis legalization in California came after Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, The Golden State is responsible for laying the legal framework. California’s medical marijuana program was the first in the nation and led the way to other states legalizing.

Today California is respected as the Mecca for cannabis culture. The state is known worldwide for producing some of the best quality strains and innovative extracts.

Humboldt County

The Emerald Triangle continues to produce the best weed on Earth and set trends. Cannabis testing, extraction, and administration methods can be traced back to Northern California.

When Was Weed Delivery Legalized in the East Bay?

Cannabis delivery in San Francisco has been highly debated since recreational sales were legalized.

The most significant rulings came in January 2020 by the Bureau of Cannabis Control. California’s agency that controls the logistical regulations for cannabis issued new rules allowing dispensaries to deliver cannabis and utilize a 3rd party delivery service.


bcc regulations


Before the ruling, cannabis delivery was prevalent but used loopholes to evade government regulators.

The following significant change came in January of 2021 when the Superior Court of California upheld the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s decision to allow weed delivery.

How Much Weed Can I Get Delivered Legally?

Flower and concentrates are treated differently under California law. You can legally order up to 28.5 grams of flower and up to 8 grams of concentrate per day. To receive your order, you must have proof of ID upon delivery. There is also usually a delivery fee, but many services and dispensaries offer free delivery.

Cannabis Delivery Service in the Era of COVID

Cannabis use and delivery exploded after the economy was forced to shut down in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, cannabis dispensaries were classified as essential businesses while retail shopping and indoor dining were suspended.

As the pandemic persists, many people are still uncomfortable purchasing cannabis in person. Delivery offers a solution with minimal contact for more vulnerable marijuana users.


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7 Advantages of Cannabis Delivery Services

Cannabis delivery has become a significant part of California weed culture. Below are 7 advantages to using a delivery service in San Francisco, the East Bay, and surrounding areas.

Less Contact

Cannabis delivery is a safe alternative to packing into dispensaries. If you are a consistent user, you are familiar with what product you enjoy and don’t need the advice of a budtender. In addition, delivery services allow users to access their products without contacting other customers and dispensary employees.

All the Benefits of Ordering Online

Online delivery orders skyrocketed during the pandemic across all industries. While delivery was already on the rise, it became the only option for many businesses. Ordering online gives the consumer more options and the convenience of never leaving home.

More Competition – An Equitable Cannabis Industry

Online cannabis shoppers have access to more options than in a single cannabis dispensary. In addition, when you order delivery services, you get access to multiple suppliers and experience the full effect of Northern California’s cannabis industry.

Plethora of Choices – THC and CBD Products

Ordering wellness products online gives you a full range of commodities, including THC and CBD products from various cannabis brands.

Dispensaries Offer Free Delivery

While there is a delivery fee in most cases, dispensaries will waive the fee to incentivize purchases.

No Waiting in Traffic

The Bay Area, especially the East Bay, is notorious for excessive traffic. Instead of sitting in traffic for an hour to get to your favorite dispensary, you can hire a cannabis delivery service and have your products show up at your doorstep.

Daily Deals

Delivery service websites are a great place to find daily deals. Specials on flower and concentrates are typical in the industry; you may be able to get your favorite wellness products delivered for a lower price than going to a dispensary.

Curbside Pickup Options in San Francisco and the East Bay

Another option that became popular during the pandemic was curbside pickup. Instead of waiting in line, you can choose to have your products run out to your car or just outside the dispensary.

Order from an East Bay Delivery Service Today

The cannabis experience in the Bay Area is unlike any place on Earth. We have access to the highest quality strains, innovative extractions, and the most competitive prices in any other legal market. Thankfully the freedom to access cannabis products withstood the pandemic. Order cannabis delivery today to any location in the East Bay to experience the best weed in the world.


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